Aren’t you lucky? Today you get TWO album reviews for the price of one, which is free, so there you have it. You may recall Horn’s latest album Konflikt ending up on my 2013 “Best of List.” If you don’t, well it was. Horn kills it with every release and I eagerly await whatever it is he’s going to to put out. Even his side doom projects are incredible. Those being Cross Vault and Latitude Egress which if you haven’t heard, you probably should. Anyway, Horn and Northern Silence Productions have released the first two Horn albums in a proper double disc, digi-pack format since these albums were only previously available on CD-R. I recently received mine in the mail all the way from Germany and let me tell you, it’s an impressive set.

If you’re inclined to buy such things, you can get it here.

German for “seasons” the title lets in on what kind of black metal you’re in store for. Nature oriented. While Horn is not the first black metal band to focus on this topic, he does manage to separate himself from the crowd. The songs are well structured, journeys of music. The warm fuzzed out guitars and rawer production quality help balance the life and death aspect of nature and give the album a unique feeling. These are common elements in his work and on Jahreszeiten you can hear where it started. The use of keyboards is well done and not overbearing and all though it sounds like a drum machine is being used, it doesn’t detract from the flow of the music. This isn’t fast and frenzied black metal. The songs move at the pace that feels natural to them. It’s all rather beautiful, if you ask me.

Die Kraft der Szenarien:
While not completely abandoning the rawer production value that helped give the first album some of it’s Charm, there is a better production value to the sound on this one. This album features more of the operatic like clean singing in parts, some faster musical parts and conjures more of that “epic” feeling, slightly reminiscent of the best of Summoning. And this truly is an epic album. That world gets batted around a lot nowadays but I can’t think of another way to describe the feelings contained in this music. The song “Landscapes on Hold” is good example of what I’m talking about. The rolling double bass pedal, the grand vision, the storytelling style vocals. Amazing.

All in all, this is a tremendous re-release. These albums stand well on their own but packaged together like this makes them even more impressive. This is definitely worth your time and dollars.