I have a couple EPs and demos lying around that are pretty rad but don’t really warrant their own posts due to their short play length, so I’m combining a couple for today’s post. These bands aren’t related in anyway or is the review to compare either release. Just two awesome metal releases.

First up is Lucifugum. This Ukrainian band has been insanely active since their formation in 1995 releases over a dozen full length albums and a handful of demos. Path of the Wolf is their third demo and my introduction to the band. This is some ugly, growling, black metal with a good dose of a synthesized orchestra added to balance the whole thing out. But man o man is it nasty. The vocals go from tortured croaks, to pain shrieks and everywhere in between. I’m never quite sure where they’ll be from track to track. They’re high in the mix as well as the orchestration so it’s a bit difficult to make out the instrumentation behind it all but it’s some typical black metal. Raw and rough. Interesting little demo here and enough to get me to check out more of the band.

Next we have Bekëth Nexëhmü and their 2014 EP. Guess where they’re from? Yup, Sweden. This EP is only barely eleven minutes but it’s a walloping eleven minutes. It’s another one man black metal band. I have a soft spot for these type of bands as I’m constantly impressed with how one person can pull these off. Anyway, this is some atmospheric black metal that has little in common with traditional Swedish black metal. There’s a bit of it, but it’s more a cement mixer of sound, instruments and low in the mix, echoing, shrill vocals. The chaos breaks and let’s loose some captivating and beautifully melodic parts. Like I said, eleven minutes sure packs a punch.