Okay, let’s take a break from black metal and dive into some American power metal. Keep in mind this is 1984 and power metal hadn’t really come into the form we all know and love today. In 1984 it was sort of the death throw of the New Wave of British Heavy Metal and speed metal. It’s hard to even classify Omen as a power metal band based on today’s standards. It’s certainly heavy. It’s powerful. It’s got a lot of fantasy and knights and dragons sort of ideas running though it. They do have a lot in common with the other early American power metal band Manowar, sonically at least, and with less chest beating and way less sexism (though not entirely without it). Most of the music revolves around battling and killing things in the name of metal. A worthy cause if there ever was one. The music is well suited for this sort of concept. Great riffs, killer solos, some cheese thrown in for good measure. A fine example of early power metal.