Guess what? Another killer fucking band from Sweden! I’m starting to believe Sweden may be the closest place to paradise on Earth. Anyway, I wasn’t familiar with Centinex when I popped this on. I had an idea given that I did know they were a death metal band from Sweden, and while they do embody a lot of the Swedish genre tropes, they manage to make it sound refreshing and unique all at the same time. Not to mention blisteringly ferocious. What I enjoy about this band is that they seem to blend the classic Swedish death metal sound of bands like Dismember with the melodic aspects of Dissection and foregoing the Gothenburg sound. The vocals are undeniably death metal fit right in with the blazing riffing. The songs never take a minute. There’s no relief from their attack. Just amazingly well written and frenzied melodic riffing for 45 minutes. I know I post a lot of bands from Sweden and I promise I will vary it up some more, but man oh man, is there just so much incredible stuff coming from that country that just flew right under the radar. Put some Centinex in your ear holes today.