Another overlooked gem from Sweden is the short lived Noctes. Formed in 1996 and disbanded in 1999, the band only released two full length albums, the first which is the subject of this post. Like most of the bands I love from Sweden, Noctes are performing highly melodic black/death metal. Like a lot of bands from Sweden at this time there is a definite Dissection influence (how have you not checked out Dissection yet) but it doesn’t permeate their sound or turn them into one of the Dissection “clone” bands. The stand out feature of this album is the use of two guitars. Not uncommon, sure, but for the most part, both are playing two different parts over each other. At the high speed melodies they’re reaching it becomes a thing of beauty. The vocals compliment the music perfectly and there’s a bit of that 90′s era symphonic keyboard playing going on but it’s subtle and not overused.

This album fucking kills it. There seems to be no end to the amount of great bands hidden in Sweden. I hope I never find the end of it.