Let’s take a trip over to Germany for some ridiculously evil, satanic black metal, shall we?

Another one of my favorite metal occurrences are bands that only release one killer album then fade away into obscurity. Empaligon are one such band only ever releasing this album. The do have a demo and a split release but as far as full lengths go, this is it. What to say about Empaligon? This is some furious, hate-filled, satanic to the core, black metal. It’s a pummeling work right out of the gate, all the way through the closing. There seems to be a lot of complaints about the production value of this album and it seems I have a “remastered” version so the production didn’t really bother me. It’s not the best quality, but hell, this is black metal and you should be used to that by now.

The vocals are like a congested screaming frog, falling slightly into the Abbath or Dagon category, though not quite as frog like. There’s a whispering quality to them as well, which sounds weird seeing as this entire album is screamed but you need to hear it to really comprehend what’s going on. The riffs are blazing, the drums are pounding, and it’s fucking awesome black metal. Maybe not for the casual listener, this might be more of an acquired taste but for the initiated, this is a rewarding experience.