I haven’t had much thrash on here and I felt like some good, solid, American thrash today so here we go.

Thrash is a weird genre. At least the American branch of it. It’s so defined by a particular group of bands, from a particular place at a particular time that it sort of stagnated itself. It’s a genre that’s hard to expand upon, at least well. I won’t talk about the 90′s and what happened to the main thrashers, but it seems thrash nowadays is (for the most part) locked in with this nostalgia driven “rethrash” sort of thing bands like Municipal Waste exploit so well. Few bands have done anything of real interest or with any creativity recently. I’m not talking about some of the awesome blackened thrash bands, or the European front, but straight up American thrash is a bit of a novelty. Bands like Vektor took it to another level and I think Heathen, while not a new band, mastered the style on their most recent album, but I’m on a tangent now.

So that brings us to Forbidden, who released this album in 1988 in California, the birthplace of this sort of thrash, but because of the confinement prevalent in the genre, I think this is one of the great thrash albums that gets overlooked. Not solely based on speed, the musicianship is some of the better from this time period and the vocalists melodic, almost classical metal or NWOBHM inspired vocals give the album a unique quality, but at it’s core, it’s a solid example of well played, well executed thrash.