I’m sticking with the Hungarian duo of Winter and Andras for one more post. You may recall my posts this week about Nefarious and Forest Silence. The two were in another band together as well, and guess what, it’s awesome black metal.

I just picked one of their albums at random to check out. They all seem to get pretty good reviews so I went with Glory and Perdition. Turns out Winter was only in the band briefly and tendered his resignation in 1997. Andras remained however.

This is still in that atmospheric black metal category but as opposed to the Emperor feeling I got from Nefarious and Forest Silence, this one veers more towards the epic black metal feel. Summoning comes to mind, but maybe with more speed and more subtle atmospheric. I really enjoyed this album. Word on the wind is they sort of put out the same album every time but if it’s like this I wouldn’t mind so much.

And there you have my short lived journey into a very specific couple of musicians. I hope you got some awesome music to jam out of it.