Remember yesterday’s post about Forest Silence and the main man behind that band, Winter? I mentioned one of the other bands he was in, Nefarious, deserved a post on here. Well, here is that post, so let’s keep going with all things Winter, Hungarian and black metal.

This album features Winter and his musical collaborator Andras who appeared on the Forest Silence album (and also together in Sear Bliss). Just like Forest Silence, this is Nefarious’ only full length release. While that Forest Silence was a more mid paced, atmospheric black metal album and a well played and written straight forward album, The Universal Wrath is a bit more experimental. The atmospherics are still in place and it’s a bit more pummeling. I can help but here Emperor in the music. While Forest Silence seemed to remind me of earlier Emperor, this one seems to be influenced by all phases of Emperor, as well as some Mayhem and maybe even a little Abigor in there. What I’m getting at is this one is more experimental, more evil and vicious, and darker. No surprise it’s masterfully played and executed. This one deserves more recognition than it gets.