When I go to learn more about a band at Metal Archives, particularly a black metal band, seeing the lyrical themes of “Darkness, Misanthropy, Nature, Anti-Christianity” I’m already partially satisfied. Turns out Evilfeast music is rad. All composed and performed by one Polish man going by the name of GrimSpirit. The music definitely incorporates all the themes listed above, in a dark, icy cold atmospheric black metal world. I read comparisons between this and the amazing Paysage d’Hiver, if they were more symphonic, and while the two share some similar traits, I think Evilfeast is doing enough their own way. It’s a little raw like Paysage d’Hiver but more clean sounding. Neither is a dig a either band. Overall this is a great example of some Polish atmospheric black metal. Heavy on the atmosphere and ambient sounds and full of awesomeness all around.