A good amount of the music I share in these posts are from recommendations. This’s how the metal love spreads and I have various friends whose opinion I can always count on. This album is one such recommendation.

Aaskereia are a pagan themed black metal band from Germany. As with a lot of pagan oriented black metal, they fall into the “atmospheric” category of the genre, however I think this album is anything but typical atmospheric black metal. Right from the get go it starts with the pummeling and the incredibly impressive vocal work by their lead singer. It keeps this pace for awhile until about midway through where the atmospheric elements really start to come into play. Beautifully crafted and well executed moments of sheer intensity, melody and beauty fill these parts of the album, verging close to depressive black metal areas.

The final track, “Als der Blick erlosch” is as close to a perfect song as it gets. Clocking in at over 12 minutes, it’s starts with another beautiful acoustic passage before blasting you right in the face with some raging black metal, then later goes into a captivating and awe-inspiring moment of sheer beauty. It encompasses everything that is great about this album in one song and serves as a incredible capper to an already great album. Awesome album. Awesome recommendation. Share the metal.