This one is fresh from today. My buddy recommended this band to by simply saying “It’s fucking amazing!” Not one to lead me astray, I jammed this out and found it to be just that. Fucking. Amazing.

Walknut hail from Russia and would probably fall into the “atmospheric” black metal category. They term gets batted around a lot but honestly, it’s very useful when talking about black metal. Whether or not that term has garnered negative connotations at this point or not, I don’t care. I’m a sucker for this music. I’m reminded of similar bands like Drudkh or the obvious Wolves in the Throne Room while listening to this, but with a dash more hate and vitriol. While the playing is fairly repetitive, it works to the advantage of the desolate sound and foreboding atmosphere that is ever present on this album. The shrilled vocals, the oppressing sounds, the beautiful tones and speed all equal one hell of an album and helped made my afternoon all that much better.