Mithotyn is the melodic, viking themed, black metal band that predated Falconer. Now if you’re wondering how a black metal band came to be Falconer, a power metal band, the answer is rather simple. New lead singer. Essentially that is the main difference between the two bands. Well, that and lyrical content I suppose. Upon Mithotyn’s collapse, the main songwriters of the band found a new singer and thus Falconer was born. I would go as far as to say the music of Mithotyn is basically Falconer with black metal vocals. There are numerous similar guitar riffs shared between the band. Most notably their favoring of metallic styled classical and medieval guitar parts. I swear some of them are the exact same riff. Now this may sound like Mithotyn is no good, but that’s far from true. It’s like a different flavor of Falconer. The music is rad, the vocals are awesome and of course, it’s epic as fuck.