Let’s jump into some older metal for today.

Elixir came about at the tail end of the NWOBHM. It seemed as the genre was loosing steams, bands had to either fade out (and wait for nostalgia to kick in decades later) or change their sound. Elixir optioned for a more epic metal approach, taking out a lot of the melodic and cheesy parts of NWOBHM while retaining the straight forward metal rocking approach, albeit a more laid back approach. To my ears it straddles the weird place in between epic doom (Candlemass) and earlier power metal (Dio, Helloween). The viking bend to the album lends to the over all epic nature of the album. The vocals are key to this album and help push that epicness. Coupled with the minor key, metal drive, this is a killer album. Worthy of the gods for sure.