Today we’re going to try something slightly different. Instead of just one album, I’m going to focus on a particular band. My buddy shared with me Thy Primordial and their catalog a couple weeks ago. I finally got to listening to the albums and since they are so rad, I figured why not just share the band.

Thy Primordial hail from Sweden (big surprise) and consisted of a bunch of Swedish musicians who came from some notable Swedish bands and have since gone on to others. Most prominently, Thy Primordial features members of Niden Div. 187 which was a side project by members of the amazing Dawn. Nidenn Div. 187 was started about the same time Thy Primordial was getting going. So the pedigree is there.

The band is, you guessed it, a black metal band, filled to the brim with that classic Swedish melodic sound I’m so addicted to. For the most part they kept the sound similar from album to album. Again, the melodic approach combined with blistering tremolo guitars, incredible song writing and downright catchy hooks. It’s hard to describe how one band in this genre is better than another or why one would prefer one to another but it’s something you just have to hear. While not my favorite of the Swedish crop, these album are fairly incredible pieces of that sound. They slowed down a bit on their later releases, slight death metal sounds show up, before calling it quits in 2005.

While all the albums are equally as good, I drifted more towards their 1999 release At the World of Untrodden Wonder. 

However, you can’t really go wrong with any of them.

Where Only the Seasons Mark the Paths of Time (1997)

Under iskall trollmåne (1998)

At the World of Untrodden Wonder (1999)

The Heresy of an Age of Reason (2000)

The Crowning Carnage (2002)

Pestilence upon Mankind (2004)