Covenant was championing the symphonic black metal sound in the mid 90′s in only a way the Norwegians can. Awesomely. I imagine this was right before or right on the cusp of the symphonic overload that permeated the genre. Besides that, this album has everything you could want from a symphonic black metal album. Killer, nasty sounding guitar, well orchestrated and interesting symphonic elements and throat scraping vocals. This album sort of reminds me of Satyricon’s Dark Medieval Times but with more emphasis on the synthesizer. Much like Satyricon, Covenant would move towards a more acceptable form of black metal by changing their name to Kovenant and infusing the sound with more electronic/industrial elements. They even “remixed” this album to be more in line with their newer sound. Regardless we still have this as an example of the awesome Norwegian symphonic take on black metal.