Among the many things recent US black metal bands do well, it’s atmospheric black metal. Hålväg is no exception to the rule. I wanted to talk about how American black metal bands are really pushing the boundaries of the genre and sort of planting it’s own flag in the highly european dominated genre but Hålväg’s sound is heavily European influenced. I guess most black metal would be but they really wear it on their sleeves. This is in no way a bad thing and I think the band does a great job of melding those influences with their great atmospheric approach. It’s a bit Wolves in the Throne Room-ish at times, which doesn’t surprise me considering both bands are from Washington, but again that European influence separates them. Regardless, this is a pretty awesome album. The drumming is of particular excellence. If you like that sort of slower, atmospheric, wailing black metal, this band is right up your alley. Or if, you know, like awesome music.