In 1991 trash metals dominance was starting to wain. The genre had burnt so brightly it couldn’t keep up with itself. We all know the major bands of this genre but thrash has a lot of hidden gems left in it’s wake and a lot of them rival and surpass the oh so loved “Big 4.” Devastation is one such band.

When I want to listen to thrash, at least thrash in it’s most common form, I want to hear riffs. Killer riffs. Killer riffs on top of Killer riffs. While Devastation isn’t the thrash-iest band I’ve ever heard, they sure do shred, and not just monotonously for speeds sake. There are well crafted, super riffs a plenty. The vocals seem to borrow a tad from the classic vocals of early Death. In fact, you can hear a lot of early death in this album, but filtered through a thrash frame of mind. The Death influence is also a testament (no pun intended) to the ferocity of this album. It’s thrash that’s more in the German or European style. Nasty, vicious and crushing. The band is from Texas, far away from said European styles and far away from the Bay area thrash scene that was so famous so that might account for their different sound.

I don’t always listen to thrash, but when I do, I prefer thrash like this. Check it out.