Guess what? It’s Sweden time, again. Don’t blame me, Sweden kills at metal. Anyway, I give you War, the extremely aggressive and chaotic black metal “super” band consisting of some of metal’s elite players. Formed by It (Abruptum, Ophthalamia), Mikael Hedlund (Hypocrisy, The Abyss), Blackmoon (Dark Funeral) and Peter Tägtgren (Hypocrisy, Bloodbath, Arckanum etc.) this albums is actually a compilation of (most of) their first EP and their first album. With a name and album title like this one, you sort of expect something intense but you have no idea what your in for unless you hear this. The first song just jumps right into it with a blasting rampage as the band declares “WE ARE FUCKING WAR!” The song is simply titled “Satan” and it sets the pace for what the rest of this 35 minute album will be like. If you want to just bash your brains out and be enveloped by hatred, war, death, satan and other such fun ideas, or just hear some incredibly well made, brutal black metal, slam this one on.