The French seem to have wildly different approaches to black metal. They’ve produced some of the best black metal bands/album (Deathspell Omega, Blut aus Nord) and some of the most grating black metal. Belenos is a curious addition to the French black metal crowd as they seem to take more inspiration from the Scandinavian’s with the epic nature and elements of more heathen sounding folk. That could be an element of France’s history, I’m not sure, but this sounds more akin to the other region. The music is spot on, technically amazing while being captivating and intense. The songs are more direct, not going on for great lengths and there are folk interludes between almost every song that serve to help heighten the battle charge presence of the album. This is a solid black metal album, worthy of your ears time and of higher praise. The french bands that get all the attention most definitely deserve it but Belenos deserve more regard.