Let’s take a look at a more recent band. Endlichkeit is a rather mysterious entity. Aside from their Bandcamp page and label page, there isn’t much out there about the band, aside the fact that they hail from Portland. What is known is that these three releases are pretty rad. Endlichkeit play a sort of raw, melodic, natural black metal. The music is spread over three EPs but if listened to together form one incredible album. I have to assume that was the intent based on the album titles and track titles. The music is hypnotic in its beauty, passionate and raw. United States black metal is really shining recently and shedding a lot of it’s European influences to form a sound that is uniquely ours and giving the old European guard a run for their money. Endlichkeit is one USBM that is standing out amongst the crowd and I’m looking forward to more releases from them. When that will be is anyone’s guess as the band just puts music out without any fanfare or fuss. These three EPs are pay what you want on Bandcamp so really you have no excuse to not try them.