I’ve been sharing a lot of dismal black metal and feel like changing it up a bit. Lucky for you my buddy recommended me Crimson Glory.

Crimson Glory are a classic power metal band. Heavily NWOBHM informed, this sort of 80′s power metal is more straightforward, less showy and more riff driven. Crimson Glory seemed to have perfected this sound. This may be close to a perfect album. Every song is an incredible, fist pumping, power metal anthem, with incredible guitars, catchy, amazing hooks and melodies and that’s not even considering the incredible vocal performance. Why this band is hidden in obscurity is beyond me. I hear a lot of techniques and riffs used by more prominent power metal bands nowadays that Crimson Glory was blasting through on this album in 1986.

This was an excellent treat and a hell of a recommendation. Get some power metal all over your face and try this one out.