Here’s one that flew right under my radar last year. I have a fondness for Polish extreme metal and thanks to a recommendation from my friend I get to add another awesome band to that list.

I’m completely new to this band so I wasn’t sure what to expect. I knew black metal but Polish black metal seems to be all over the place, sound and style wise. Furia describe themselves as “experimental” black metal, and there is some of that going on. I think they think they are more experimental than they are but it doesn’t matter because the album is awesome and the songs are killer. It’s starts off pretty straight forward. The style of vocals and guitar sort of remind me of Roots from Prague. Not entirely but kind of. It takes a couple songs to the to more progressive and experimental parts but they don’t seem forced or out of place. In fact, it makes the album wholly unique. I’ll be jamming this while I wait for that new MGLA that’s rumored to coming out this year.