In the halls of black metal, viking history is a well tapped resource. Many bands have drawn inspiration from their history and used it in many ways from lyrical inspiration to completely adopting the viking aesthetic from head to toe. It’s a rich culture and people from that part of the world have a connection to it so it’s not surprising it shows up in black metal. Which brings us to Norway, home of Elite. Elite take a no messing approach to their music. Just straight up, furious, well written black metal about vikings. They craft excellent songs and have no need to fill up space with progressive elements, atmospherics or battle sounds. Not to say I don’t enjoy that stuff but there’s something refreshing about a band that knows when to get out while their ahead. It’s a pummeling album, with next to no moments to cool down. There’s a lot of confidence there. Nothing subtle, nothing hinted at, just raw, viking themed black metal that goes for the throat.