Heading over to Austria where we have some of black metal’s elite coming together. How elite, I hear you say? How about former members of Abigor who were present during the bulk of their early, masterful works. What, not good enough for you? How about Silenius from Summoning? That’s a pretty damn good resume if you ask me. So, Amestigon is the culmination of these musicians. I think the sound of this band is sort of a perfect melding of earlier Abigor with the melodic, epic feel of Summoning. The album isn’t as cut and dry as that but knowing who is involved I can’t help but hear some of that in there. It’s not as grand as Summoning or as hateful as Abigor, more going for it’s own sort of bleakness. It’s powerful, melodic and atmospheric all at the same time. I’ve always admired how bands like Abigor and Summoning don’t stick to any well defined concepts of black metal and Amestigon continues that trend. It looks like they have another album coming out later this year. I’ll be keeping an eye out for that one.