I’m moving over to Poland for a rare and obscure release by black metal band Sacrilegium. Of course nothing in the internet era is rare anymore, but Pagan Records has recently reissued Sacrilegium’s one and only full-length album, remastered with a bonus song from one of their split releases, with new cover art on cd. I figured what the heck and ordered the digipack version of the cd, curious to hear the remastering of an album I already enjoy.

The remastering sounds great. It doesn’t diminish any of the rawness of the album and helps amplify the atmospheric elements and symphonic quality. Don’t worry, it isn’t symphonic like you would think of Dimmu Borgir or bands of that ilk. It’s more subtle, letting the core instruments do most of the work. I’m not sure why this album never got the attention it deserved. It feels like it fits right in with the rest of the crowd from 1996, borrowing a little bit from all the different regions putting out black metal at the time. The songs are incredible and one of those rare albums that never leaves you bored or disinterested throughout it’s entire play time. There’s a little bit of early an early Darkthrone thrown in and maybe a mixture of early and viking era Bathory. It’s a tremendous sound. Poland seems to be dominated by death metal, and some good death metal at that, and they seem to revel in blasphemy. Sacrilegium for sure have that spirit about them but there’s also a large pagan/nature orientation on the album which helps set them apart from the pack. A great album all around and I would recommend this to anybody interested in what black metal can be.

You can stream the entire album at Pagan Records bandcamp page, and it would serve you well to do so.

Listen/purchase: Wicher by SACRILEGIUM