I guess I’m in a Swedish sort of mood as of late because today’s entry is about another sorely under-appreciated Swedish black metal band.

Sweden seems to be full of overlooked and neglected 90′s black metal bands. That decade seemed to be rather prolific for the genre and there are certainly tons of treasures to find there. You might have guess by now I have a soft spot for the Swede’s extreme metal and Sorhin is one of the bands, I think, were at the peak of this sound. Blistering back metal, that classic Swedish melodic guitar playing, the icy presence. They have it. I Det is a furious 40 minutes that barely leaves you time to catch your breath except for in the middle with the Burzum-like “Svartvintras” and even then, it’s still pummeling you. But guh, that melody! It’s hard to explain but when you’re playing that face, melody takes on a whole never meaning. This album is one of two full lengths the band released, the other being 2000′s Apokalypsens ängel, which is also amazing.

Skogsgriftens rike is the bands first EP. I have the 2009 re-release which also contains the bands first two demos, I fullmånens dystra sken and Svarta själars vandring. While I’m completely enthralled by the bands two full-length releases, this one is particularly captivating. All of the qualities I mentioned above pertain to this album but there’s something a little more dangerous, a little more melodic on this one. In particular the song “I Fullmånens Dystra Sken”, which might be the perfect song from this band. The two demos are a bit harder to digest. Not to say they are bad, but there’s a significant decrease in production on these, which is to be expected from 90′s black metal demos but it is at times a bit grating.

I know there are other Swedish diamonds hidden in the rough and I’ll probably talk about those on this blog but for now you should probably get into Sorhin.