One of my favorite curiosities of metal music are bands that show up, release one album, then just disappear into obscurity. Sometimes these albums become classics of metal. Often times they just get lost in the madness but sometimes, they became hidden gems and deserve to be polished off. Vargavinter’s Frostfödd is one such album.

Coming out of Sweden in 1996, Vargavinter are right in the prime of the melodic, black metal bands the country is so full of (or was). The tremolo picking is insane and there’s a good amount melody to their icy, viking/pagan themed black metal. At times it reminds me of fellow countrymen and classic one-album band Vinterland (though rumor is that might be changing soon). Is it a classic album? I’m not sure about that, but it’s a damn good one, and if you like obscure, melodic, 90′s Swedish black metal (and who doesn’t, really) then this is a must have.