I’m digging in to metal’s dark and forgotten corners with Bewitched’s Diabolical Desecration from 1996. I found this band through some of the more prominent bands the members are also/have been in. On this album we have Vargher of Ancient Wisdom and Naglfar fame as well as fellow Naglfar bandmate Wrather who was also in Setherial. Blackheim also appears courtesy of Bloodbath, Katatonia and Diabolical Masquerade. That’s a pretty impressive list of Swedish bands. Aside from Bloodbath (death metal) and Katatonia (doom) these guys have been in some incredibly melodic, Swedish black metal bands, and you know I have a weakness for melodic Swedish black metal. So what does it sound like when they all come together as Bewitched? Old school thrash metal infuse with speed metal, with vicious black metal vocals, that’s what. Topped off with an overwhelming revelry of all things evil and satanic. The band really shines when it’s playing at it’s faster moments. There are some slower, Motorhead like passages and some NWOBHM twists, but for the most part, it’s a nasty slab of evil, nasty thrash. I’ve always been impressed with how prolific a lot of these Scandinavian black metal musicians are and this is a prime example of how talented they are.