For this final installment of my doom metal exploration journey I was going to post about Candlemass’ Epicus Doomicus Metallicus but I sort of feel like that’s a staple of the genre and I’ve listened to it numerous times. Instead I wanted to explore a doom band I was recommened some time ago but didn’t get into.

40 Watt Sun is the band that followed Warning. I did an entry on Warning a couple posts back and since I really enjoyed them, I figured this is as good as time as any to revisit 40 Watt Sun, after all of these doom albums, and see if I enjoy it this time around.

The answer is yes. I enjoyed it quite a bit. Maybe more so than Warning. If you remember the Warning post, you’ll know that that album was steeped in misery, depression and ennui, set against the miserable, slow paced, and often repetitive doom metal style. This is a continuation. Almost to the point where it seems like the same band. There does seem to be a shift in tone from the heartbreak of Warning to a more beautiful and serene atmosphere. Regardless, this album is pretty incredible.

And thus, the doom journey ends. I feel like I gained a greater appreciation for a genre that was somewhat foreign to me and I heard some absolutely tremendous albums. Next up, I’m taking my explorative nature and applying it to all of metal, where I’ll dig up older, obscure, overlooked and neglected metal albums from all corners of the genre.

Thanks for following along! I hope you’ve found, and will continue to find stuff that is exciting to you, whether it be new or old.