Of all the Paradise Lost albums I’ve listened to and enjoy, somehow Gothic has eluded me. It’s all my own doing of course but I have never actually listened to it before now. This album is awesome. This is their second release and might be the blueprint for the death/doom sound that the Peaceville Three made so popular. Gothic just isn’t a title statement but a reflection of the sound on the album, it’s full to the brim with gothic styled leanings. From the angelic female vocal parts, to the ever present ennui and themes, Paradise Lost were mixing it up and setting the foundation for where their future albums would take them. This is before they got more theatrical and rock oriented and the album is still heavily steeped in the death/doom trappings. It’s said that this albums reach extended into death metal and black metal of the times and while I don’t know how true that is as a lot that music is dealing in similar levels of despair and darkness, it’s truly a remarkable album.