For the shortest month, February sure felt like it stretched on for a lifetime. Amidst the never ending ferocity of winter were some killer metal albums and now that March is here and we can look forward to more daylight, the metal will join us.

This first week of March was a bit light but the releases we did get were of significance. Both the new Enslaved and Leviathan are destined to end up on a ton of year end lists. Mark my words. I liked one more than the other so let’s get into it…

New Releases

Leviathan – Scar Sighted
Leviathan is one of those bands that I feel like I should be a bigger fan of than I am. I really dig his side project Lurkers of Chalice and I enjoy his Massive Conspiracy Against All Life album but none of his other work really resonated with me. It’s hard to separate the life of Wrest from his projects and he’s been very vocal about getting his life back together with his new wife and baby and there’s been a sense of optimism for him despite the severely down beaten and depressive sound Leviathan exudes. This album might be a turning point for him. It is especially for me as I really enjoyed this one. Maybe more so than the other works I mentioned.

Enslaved – In Times
What can I say? It’s Enslaved. Yeah, they’ve been more of a progressive band for years now. This is no departure from that. RIITIIR wasn’t my favorite release of theirs and left me a bit cold but this one I enjoyed all the way through. I’m sure it’ll be on all the best of lists this year.

Hamleypa – Im Morgen von Einst
A nice surprise my buddy sent me. Atmospheric, German black metal for the win.

Glaciation – Sur les falaises de marbre
I stumbled on this after seeing a post from the Alcest Facebook page. If it’s Alcest related then it’s French and the French have a particular take on black metal. Considering this band is made up of members from Alcest, Amesoeurs, Peste Noire, Lantlos, Les Discrets, and Empyrium, you could kind of guess that their black metal is a bit more on the ethereal, depressive, atmospheric side. Glaciation jump back and forth between that post-rock, back metal sound and some of the older 2nd wave aesthetics and earlier French black metal bands. A solid album through and through and another pleasant surprise find.

The Rest of the Playlist

Reverend Bizarre – In the Rectory of the Bizarre Reverend
Chastain – Voice of the Cult
Chastain – The 7th of Never
Witchcraft – Witchcraft
Clad in Darkness – Decathect
Mineral – End Serenading
Red City Radio – Titles
Off With Their Heads – Home
The Obsessed – Lunar Womb
Sentenced – North From Here
Ruby the Hatchet – Valley of the Snakes
Sorgeldom – …From Outer Intelligences
Axis of Advance – Strike
Cirith Ungol – King of the Dead
Cirith Ungol – Frost and Fire
Fall – W Blasku Umierającego Słońca
King Woman – Doubt
Skepticism – Stormcrowfleet