Put your nerd hats on, this one is going deep. Cirith Ungol take their name from the pass that ran through the Ephel Dúath, reached by the stairs near Minas Morgul. It was guarded by the Tower of Cirith Ungol which Shelob made her lair. Yup, the giant spider from Lord of the Rings. Not only does the band take their name from fantasy literature, but the incredible cover is a painting from the book Bane of the Black Sword by Micahel Moorcock, one of the books in the Elric series that followed a drug taking, albino with a soul-stealing sword. Yeah, all that epic crammed just into the front cover, without even hearing a single note of music. Keep in mind this came out in 1984. Way before Game of Thrones made fantasy fiction boring or made every nerd in existence think they stumbled on to something new. But alas, the easily swayed nerds have nothing to do with this album, which is just as amazing as the fantasy listed above. I’m not entirely sure if this is doom metal. It’s definitely got some fuzzed up, Black Sabbath style riffing going on, but it veers more towards epic metal. It’s scope, songs, vocals, and guitars are as epic as one could expect in 1984 and it might fall into doom just because what else are you going to call it. I call it awesome.