Based on the name of the band, clearly taken from the 1968 Vincent Price movie (which is amazing) I suppose I was suspecting something a bit darker. That’s my own perception so I won’t hold it against the bad. What I heard instead was some party, rock and roll infused metal that has a lot more in common with the NWOBHM than doom metal. Sure, there are some Sabbath like sounds coming out of this but there’s more of a “let’s rock” vibe going on that was so prevalent in the NWOBHM. Speaking of the movie, there is a song dedicated to the story of it, which lyrically is pretty bleak but the rocking good times of the music make it seem less horrific. Like a doom metal version of what the Misfits did with their poppy punk songs about horror movies. Overall though, I enjoyed this album quite a bit. It’s over and done with in about 30 minutes but they pack a lot into that time.