Candlemass was probably the first doom band I ever heard. Way back before I even knew what doom was or even had any appreciation for it. I remember, clear as day, seeing the video for “Mirror Mirror,” the first song off this album, and thinking “what the hell is this.” I thought it was a joke band. With their big hair, overly posed out evil demeanor and Eddie “Messiah” Marcolin’s high pitched vocals. Little did I realize at the time how awesome Candlemass is. I became a fan later but for some reason never tracked down this album, so now seems like the time.

So, it’s Candlemass and it’s awesome. The follow up to their incredible album Nightfall, this album sees them moving slightly forward into more thumping, slightly more thrash sound, something they explore on later albums. There’s still the plodding, thunderous “Sabbath” style riffing and guitar work and the doom is ever present but it seems like they were looking a bit to future on this one. Candlemass is doom, simply put. One of the best the genre has to offer and for sure, a classic band. This is but one of their numerous classic albums.