Yob was one of the first doom metal bands that made me sit up and take notice of the genre. Their 2011 album Atma was a crushing, powerhouse of riffs and heaviness that sounded so fresh and unique to my ears, I instantly grew a fondness for this band. Their 2014 follow up Clearing the Path to Ascend, in my opinion, was even better. So while I’m exploring doom I figured I would delve into Yob’s back catalog and came up with this album, which I’ve never heard but seems to be one of the critical darlings of the band.  

I think the basis of Yob is in stoner doom metal but they seem to only use that as a launching pad into progressive and heavier forms of music. They mix it so well together it’s seamless and provides a unique and captivating listen. It’s crushingly heavy, dense, foreboding and intricate but it’s memorizing. The show stopper is easily the title track, clocking in at just over twenty minutes. It’s starts with a beautifully atmospheric guitar intro that weaves it’s way through a tranquil, serene and utterly devastating song.

For me, Yob is one of the doom bands to beat right now. While Pallbearer is all the rage in doom these days, Yob is crushing it. Give this band a listen. You need to.