I think I’ve now officially covered all of the Peaceville Three. There’s still more from them to come but now I’ve at least touch on all of them (Paradise Lost and My Dying Bride being the other two). I’m an Anathema fan and it’s their later stuff that got me into this band. They are now a far cry from their early doom/death days almost to the point where you wouldn’t be able to tell that it was the same band. For some reason though, this is the only Anathema album I have not heard before. Ever present on this album is the feeling of melancholy and ennui, borrowing heavily from gothic music. The rhythm is slow and mournful, the guitars, while beautiful almost sound depressed. The lead vocals, which were at this point still growled, sound pained. Yeah, these guys are going for depressing here. If you ask me, Anathema has a pretty stellar catalog, minus one or two albums, and this one is what started it all off. It’s great in it’s construction and enjoyable as a benchmark in doom/death metal or even as a curiosity to see what this band used to be about.