Clocking in at around 80 minutes with only two songs, this album is the doomiest of funeral doom I’ve yet to hear on this journey of mine. Molasses slow in pace but utterly heavy what I found most interesting about this album is how all over the place this band is structurally. I can’t think but to compare it to anything else but maybe the free-wheeling style of improvisational jazz. It’s experimental for sure. I’m not sure if this will be on a regular rotation for me. It really needs your focus to digest and hear what’s going on. The slow, plodding, overbearing pace makes it a little easy to space out at parts but suddenly your brought right back in by some riff. Maybe skip the last 20 minutes which is just a pulsing soundscape. It’s a good album but probably one that I won’t be playing very often.

Also of note, the line up on this album had a couple members that were once a part of Ghoul and Weakling. What an interesting mix of bands that created this album.