It astonishes me that in this climate of excessive nerdy obsession that power metal has not been accepted into the fold. No other genre celebrates, nay, revels in the fantastical and cheesy as much as power metal has for YEARS. Point in case is the new Visigoth album. This album is chalk full of epic fantasy themes like undead kings reclaiming their thrones, the adventures of dungeon masters, warriors riding battle mammoths to challenge the gods, facing down your doom with your brothers in arms, blood sacrifices, fulfilling prophecies and even tearing down the road on your motorcycle with your metal goddess. If this was an episode of Game of Thrones, people would piss all over themselves in anticipation to tell you how great it is.

Visigoth shoot for epic with their debut and overshoot that goal. This album is satisfying in all ways metal should be. I’m all about boundary pushing, genre defying and creative and unique takes on genre but sometimes I just want to force my fist up with authority and rock… the… fuck… out. Visigoth straddle the fence between classic heavy metal and power metal taking a cue from great bands like Manilla Road (which is obvious by their killer cover of the classic “Necropolis”), Riot, Manowar, Candlemass and Metal Church. Much like they’re contemporaries Twisted Tower Dire, they wear their influences proudly on their denim and leather sleeves. It’s straight forward, to the point and well, epic. I defy you to have a better time listen to a new album this year.

Also, it needs to be mentioned that Visigoth are from Salt Lake City, which currently is a hot bed of insanely awesome metal these days. Jake Rogers, lead singer of Visigoth also plays in the equally epic and awesome Gallowbraid, Winterlore, and though there’s a certain level of mystery involved with who’s actually in the band, Caladan Brood (who placed atop my best of 2013 list and may have out summoned Summoning that year). That’s not even mentioning other Salt Lake City bands like Ered Wethrin (who is also in Winterlore) and Fiendlord. It begs the question “What is in the water is Salt Lake?” Well, besides salt. One would assume some mighty elixir sent by the gods to imbue local bands with the power of awesome.

So, revel in some incredible metal music. Let your nerd flag fly proudly and give yourself over to the power of epic heavy metal.

Get their new album over here and watch the music video for The Revenant King below.