There seems to be a lot of discussion recently about the Melvins and their place in music history. The “NOLA” and “Slow Southern Steel” documentaries mention them extensively as the inspiration for, if not the originators of sludge and that kind of doom metal. While I’m a fan of the Melvins I don’t have nearly close to all of their albums so I figure I would start at the beginning and see what’s going on.

Gluey definitely has an overwhelming sound of what you would call doom. There’s also a fair amount of punk in there as well, which makes sense seeing as Buzz from the Melvins has mentioned the Rollins era Black Flag as inspiration. That’s what it sounds like, slower Black Flag mashed with Black Sabbath. The is album is awesome and I can definitely hear the influence on doom and grunge but I’m not sure it’s fair to call them a doom band, or even say they produced a doom metal album. How do you even label the Melvins in the first place. I’m not sure if a bunch of bands that play a certain genre list the Melvins as an inspiration can retroactively label that band said genre. Just my take on it. It’s still a great album.