So, Acid Bath. That name seems to conjure up tones of revelry in the the halls of metal proclaiming the brilliance of this band. Just through being a fan of metal I’ve been aware of Acid Bath for some time. Their album covers are rather iconic and I’m somewhat of a fan of lead singer Dax Riggs projects following the dissolving of Acid Bath. I’m more of a fan of guitarist Sammy Pierre Duet’s follow up band Goatwhore. So with all that, I’ve never really taken time to listen to Acid Bath.

This album, for the most part, is pretty solid. Riggs vocals are quite impressive, albeit there are numerous passages both lyrically and instrumentally that are soaked in 90’s alternative metal/radio. That’s where the big disconnect with me is. I realize this album came out in 1994 but there’s that noise that reminds me of how terrible a lot of that music was. There are parts where he comes damn near close to that 90’s grunge “warble” vocal style made famous by Eddie Vedder. Not completely there but close. It instantly dates the album for me. There’s bizarre lyrics that could only have been made in the 90’s, a mixture of somewhat acoustic sad bastard 90’s songs and some industrial effects. There is however, some great musicianship going on and some killer riffs. The few moments they reach a punk sound seemed to be my favorite.

Things hyped like this rarely live up to all that hype. Acid Bath, for me, is another one of those instances. It’s not a bad album by any means, just not really my thing.