I hadn’t heard anything about Scald before. Not to say that I should have given my limited knowledge of doom metal, especially obscure Russian doom bands that existed for one album in the mid 90’s. It seems this album is sort of a cult sensation. Scald play a typical form of classic doom metal. Slower, jammier riffs with songs all centered around Scandinavian and Slavonic mythology. It’s fairly grand in scope, sound and duration. It seems the passing of their lead singer ended the band and everybody split off into other obscure Russian bands.

To my ears, I didn’t hear anything truly “epic” or noteworthy as suggested by online reviews and literature. It’s pretty straight forward doom. I found myself drifting while it was on and sort of just using it for background noise. The players are all tight and talented, it just didn’t really do much for me. You can’t win them all, I suppose.