Eyehategod, for me, have been one of those bands that I’ve only known through reputation and by name. That was until last year when I finally decided to check them out and jammed their new self-titled album. I found that I really enjoyed their sound and gravitated towards the more punk sounding aspects of it. Paired with the premiere of of the Noisy documentary “NOLA” about southern metal and the “Slow Southern Steel” documentary about the same thing, I began to learn more and more about Eyehategod. Now I have a better reason to delve into their back catalog.

It seems Dopesick is the album to beat for Eyehategod. To my ears though it sounds like what they presented on their newest album. From what I can gather, Eyehategod just might have invented “sludge” metal with their mixture of Sabbath style riffs, the angst and power of Rollins era Black Flag and a bit of 70’s souther rock swagger. It’s a cool mixture but by the time I’m hearing this, there have been countless imitators and rip off bands that I had to really try to appreciate that they were the ones doing this first. Maybe it’s just how I found them, out of time and out of context, but I’m still gravitating more towards their newest album. It’s a good listen though overall.