Mindrot existed for a brief period of only two albums in the 90’s. While I found them on the Decibel best of Doom list, this band didn’t immediately strike me as a doom band. They straddle the fence pretty well between doom and death and there are numerous passages of tranquil and atmospheric melodies almost similar to bands like While Heaven Wept or The Gathering. What really struck me was how familiar this band sounded which is weird because I sure as hell wasn’t listening to Mindrot in 1995. This is the first I’ve heard them. What I think it is is the large number of bands like The Ocean and Inter Arma that are blending doom and post rock together. To my ears, they sound like Mindrot. Is this more of a coincidence or influence? Not sure, I just calls them hows I sees them.

Regardless, this album is a beast however you cut it, doom or death.