Last year when I dipped my toe in the murky doom waters I came across Cathedral who it seems are one of the most revered doom metal bands around. I jumped in with their first album Forest of Equilibrium and was instantly hooked. Slow yet catchy, weird, old British doom in flavor and jamming. This was doom I could get behind. I always meant to check out more of their catalog. So here we are with their third release.

I’m not sure what I was expecting given my prior experience with Cathedral but this sure was a surprise. It had me hooked from the first second. If ever there was a “party” doom metal album, this would be it. Gone are the slow, weird songs and in their place are upbeat, faster paced, rocking and dare I say, happy sounding songs. The lyrical content is still very much in the doom vein with songs revolving around horror, bloody lakes, evil angels and even an awesome song nod to one of my favorite Vincent Price movies Witchfinder General, titled Hopkins after Price’s character (with an awesome audio clip as well).

I’m not sure what the general state of doom was in 1995 but I hear a lot of this album in present day doom bands like The Sword. The path they took on this album would seem almost generic or watered down if the skill in this band weren’t so great and the songs weren’t so catchy on top of that. I’m curious to delve more into Cathedral to see where this fits in their overall career.