I’ve mentioned before, of all the genres of metal Doom is the one I am least knowledgable on (hence this blog series). Of the Doom sub-genres the one I’m least familiar with is Funeral Doom so I figured I would start with a band many claim to be one of the pioneers of the genre, Skepticism. Now, I always assumed that Funeral Doom got it’s name from the incredibly slow, heavy pace and from the general themes of death, decay, depression etc. Now all those things are present on this album but there is also an extreme amount of organ being played and now I’m wondering if that is what gives Funeral Doom it’s grim moniker. Regardless, I really got into this album. At first the slow pace of Doom was what turned me off but I’m slowly coming around to it. The added organs gives this album a sort of Hammer Horror Movie quality which of course, I dig. I imagine it playing through a fog filled cemetery during a full moon. It’s pretty dismal and dark, but I find happiness in that. I hear they have a new album coming out soon. I may have to check that out.