When I first started really getting into metal, Paradise Lost was one of the bands I stumbled on. This was my introduction to what, at that point, thought was doom metal. The mid paced, goth heavy sound of Paradise Lost was something that intrigued me. Funny though, I never bothered to listen to this album.

It seems this is the album where they started to change their sound. I’m not familiar with their previous works but it seems lead singer Nick Holmes gave up on his death growls (for a time being at least. Did I mention he just provided the vocals for the new Blood Bath album? Growls and all) in favor of a more gravely Hetfield-ian style. And I mentioned the gothic sound? Somebody was listening to Sisters of Mercy.

This is considered a “classic” album in the genre and from the band. I haven’t stumbled across a Paradise Lost album I haven’t like yet though I haven’t digested their entire catalog, and this one is no different. Yes, it’s a bit dated and a little cheesy but there’s some solid, maybe even classic songs on it. It’s like a time capsule and entertaining in that regard.